Beenish Pervaiz stylist

Beenish Pervaiz fashion stylist

Beenish Pervaiz is young talented fashion stylist of Pakistan Fashion Industry. She is extraordinary talented lady of fashion. The Pakistani fashion stylist Beenish Pervaiz is also the most talented stylist who always takes bridal makeup as art but not as business.

Beenish Pervaiz does not take too many brides but take only those brides with 4-5 months bookings. She basically knows how to use makeup in proper. she thought light makeup improves more beauty than high makeup. Dresses are already enough to show glamour but dark and heavy layers of cosmetics do not increase the beauty so much it also effect. Actually the fashion stylist of the Pakistani fashion industry Beenish gives many personalized services to her bride’s clients that include Jewelry, Hair and complete analysis of the bride’s skin. She is also the best to guide the entire bride to select the best that makes them to look different from others. Beenish Pervaiz is name of uniqueness and renowned entity of Pakistan Fashion Industry.

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