ARY Digital Anabia

ARY Digital Anabia Drama

This is an upcoming new drama serial on ARY digital, as ARY digital has a remarkable name in the quality of dramas and shows. This drama serial name is so beautiful “Anabia”, this is a name of a girl who is so pretty, honest and sincere, but she has to face a lot of hardships and huge compromises in her life.

The teaser of this drama has been released, looking at the teaser you can say it’s a very different story, a difficult married life. This drama is produced by very handsome Aijaz Aslam, directed by Mohammad Iftikhar Iffi and is written by Atif Ali. The cast of this drama serial includes very dedicated actors and actresses the main leading role is performed by Neelum Muneer. The other cast names are Azeeka Daniel, Kamran Jillani, Syed Yorguc, Seemi Pasha, Khalid Anum, Waseem Abbas, Hina Khan, Maham Nizami, Tipu Shah, Nirvaan Nadeem, Parveen Akber.

The OST and first look of Anabia, surely makes it much appreciated in the upcoming drama series of 2016. This drama revolves around a girl whose life is full of depression, tension, problems and her life partner tease her and makes her mentally sick. In this drama serial Neelum Muneer will play a role of a distress girl, as she is a very good and soft nature, but she has to face a number of troubles in her life. You will enjoy this fabulous drama serial very much and will find an interesting story.

OST Anabia Saajna – Asim Azhar from on Vimeo.


ANABIA Episode 1, March 12, 2016 on ARY Digital Full Episode from on Vimeo.


ANABIA Episode 2, 19 March 2016 on ARY Digital Full Episode ANABIA March 19th 2016 from on Vimeo.


ANABIA Episode 3 March 26, 2016 ARY Digital Full Episode Drama ANABIA March 26th 2016 from on Vimeo.


ANABIA Episode 4, 2nd April 2016 on ARY Digital from on Vimeo.

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