Hi everyone, hope you guys going good. This is ‘Nate’ with Six Pack Shortcuts here to share my arm day routine. I am here to share inspirational and motivational videos to all of you so as to make your muscle strong and in perfect shapes. No BS, scams or gimmicks etc. Only real, hardcore, facts about increasing mass in your body or gaining more muscles. This video is specially made to reshape your arm muscles completely with denser, thicker triceps and biceps.

Over here, we will be using one of my best and all time effective and favorite training techniques. To erupt some serious growth and push past your limits this training techniques are perfect for it. The technique is known as “Negatives”

Before starting this technique, let me share something very important that, you will have to simply add 3 to 5 seconds extended period during the normal lengthening or negative phase of each. The enlarged negative period acts as a great force under the tension time period for the working muscles. What result, it will give you? Results will be absolutely, amazing and effective this will enhance the strength, density and durability of muscles. Therefore, we will going to perform total 4 exercises which will be alternating b/w triceps and biceps in this workout.

Let me tell you, how we will start this workout. At first we will do standing barbell curls for biceps, alternating to triceps, back to biceps with single arm concentration curls and then finishing with the cable rope tricep push-downs-along with the 4 second negatives technique comprised during each outlandish position of the exercises. This addition of 4 second negatives will boost-up, exhaust and extremely tired your muscles faster.

Get ready for the workout now, come on guys, let’s finish the workout…

Standing Barbell Curls

In this exercise we will do 3 sets of 10 standing barbell curls and adding 4 second negatives on each rep. How will you do it, let me help you. Begin the exercise, curl the bar up and then count 4 second and controlled as you lower the bar. As in the same position the way you lower the bar again curl the bar upwards back to starting point or position in a normal pace.

Tricep Dips

In this exercise we will do 3 sets of 10 tricep dips with the addition of 4 second negatives on each rep. Put your hands on a bench positioned behind you, upraise your feet onto another bench nearby your feet. Now, lower yourself to the floor with counting 4 seconds. Come back to the starting position in the same pace and continue the reps.

Concentration Curls

Again, same 3 sets of 10 concentration curls on each arm obviously with 4 second negatives on every rep. For concentration curls, sit on a bench, hold the dumbbell and make your elbow position into your inner knee support, make sure this position is for that arm which is bearing dumbbell. Now, start the rep from the top and count as above 4 seconds while you lower the dumbbell to the floor slowly and keep your arm and body controlled. Curl dumbbell back from the starting position and repeat the same in a normal pace.

Cable Rope Tricep Push-Down

As above reps, 3 sets of 10 cable rope tricep push-down including 4 seconds negatives on each rep. Stand in a traditional style in front of the tricep cable machine and grab the cable rope tricep and push down and when your hands go down, move your wrists to open your hands little bit. Go back to the starting position and keep counting 4 seconds in slow pace.

Well guys, this is called negative technique which is very effective and perfect to gain shape and muscle. Adding negatives to your arm day exercise will surely increase and enhance the strength, hardness and thickness of your arms. Hopefully, this video will really going to help you all much and will get an amazing change in your muscles.

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