Apas Ki Baat - GEO News show

Apas Ki Baat - GEO News show

Traditional talk shows offer the views of politicians on whatever action they have taken or have not taken. While entertaining, such formats are mostly just platforms for politicians to voice their opinions or justify their policies. A political analyst on the other hand, offers a 360 degrees view of any prevailing situation. A political analyst gives them a choice; a choice to look at things beyond their own perceptions.

Apas ki Baat is a quick paced live show about the news and happenings over the national and international sphere encompassing the views and analysis by veteran journalist Najam Sethi.
Najam Sethi is Pakistan’s most eminent analyst, not just because of the years of experience that have helped sharpened his perception, or not just because his own imprisonments and trials have made him more perceptive to how politics really work, but also because his manner of conveying his views is so pleasing to the eye and to the ear. He doesn’t use big words; he does not hide behind open ended sentences. His views are clear and concise, and he conveys them with the maximum effect. To his audience, it feels as if an old friend is sitting with them; talking things over, mulling future actions, summarizing mega events, stressing which may have been ignored, dismissing that is unfairly being obsessed over. With Najam Sethi, it’s never about being tricked into believing the untrue by a clever host, but more about one concerned Pakistani talking to another.

Also in the program audience’s calls, emails and text messages as well as Twitter and Facebook feeds are incorporated where viewers can ask questions to Mr. Sethi, directly.

Apas Ki Baat – New Episode – GEO News

Watch all the latest new episode of “Apas Ki Baat” here at FestByte.com video & image courtesy by GEO News.

Fresh : Mon to Wed (11:05pm to 11:59pm)
Repeat : Tue to Thu (04:05am to 04:59am)
Repeat : Tue to Thu (04:05pm to 04:59pm)


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