Aiza Khan Interview

Aiza Khan Interview

The Most Talented And Beautiful Model Cum Actress Aiza Khan Interview

How you came to the TV Industry?

Well, my career was started as a model in the showbiz industry of Pakistan. I had no idea that one day I will become an actress. Even I never wanted to become an actress. By chance I came into the TV industry of Pakistan. Yeah, there are some of people who urged me to do acting in Pakistani dramas, so I took the chance and I found it very well as experience and obviously the feedback of the viewers.

How about your family, did they support you?

Oh yes, every time. My family always supports me a lot. Mostly my mother, she always with me on shoots. I am blessed with a very loving and caring family and they always help me whenever I need help from them and their support gives me more strength to work with more focus and passion.

Which Pakistani actors you enjoy working with?

There are many, but the most I enjoy working with Sania Saeed, Saba Hameed, Faisal and Mohib. Because on the sets they always help me to learn acting skills and many technicalities to present myself and my work as much better as I can. As we know these guys are perfect in acting and we all can learn much from them in the field of acting.

Who inspires you the most in acting?

Well, my inspirations are Fawah Mustafa, Sami Khan and Mohib Mirza, all these men are superb in acting. Their acting skills are not comparable, and they keep inspiring me whenever they come with a new project. They look handsome and their acting makes them the best. So, these three Pakistani heartthrobs inspire me the most.

What you learned in the Industry?

People think that actors and actresses never live happy together off the screen, this is totally wrong. We all live in a very friendly environment. I learned that you should always respect your co-stars whether they are senior or junior. Just be honest to yourself and others too. It’s about give and take simply, give respect, take respect. The industry is full of talented and versatile people and they are great human beings.

Can you do any type of roles?

Well, not at all. I cannot do any type of roles. I never do bold roles, I always play those roles which convey a good message to the audience. I am not comfortable in doing every type of role. That is why, you have never seen me in any bold kind of roles.

Have you got any offer to work in the films?

I have received many offers to work in the films, but I really do not want to take roles in the films. It is not in my comfort zone, I am simply not meant for the film industry. Drama industry is in my comfort zone and I am happy working in Pakistani dramas.

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