Adhoora Bandhan – GEO Tv Drama

Adhoora-Bandhan geo tv

Adhoora Bandhan – GEO Tv Drama – Cast & Crew

Director: Shah Hussain
Writer: Huma Hina Nafees
Produced By: Babar Javed

Nouman Masood as Yasir
Farah Shah as Sarwat
Suhail Sameer as Safdar Hussain
Madhia Rizvi as Atiya
Erum Akhter as Rozina
Faria Sheikh as Ifrah
Naeem Tahir as Col. Zahid
Furqan Qureshi as Shahmeer
Rashid Farooqi as Aijaz
Farah Nadeem as Tabassum
Uzair Abbasi as Ashraf
Yasir Ali as Daniyal
Zain Khan as Ahson
Omer as Umair
Ramsha Khan as Komal
Sabah as Dolly
Rashda Tabbasum as Ambreen
Nadeem Tahir as Commissioner Zahid
Hafsa Butt as Natasha

Adhoora Bandhan – GEO Tv Drama – Story

Ifrah, protagonist of the story Atiya has a self- effacing, benevolent and a polite demeanor. At an age of eighteen, when girls fanaticize about their marriage, she worries about her shelter. Daughter rose by a single mother, is being forced to marry her cousin. The girl barely escapes the situation and reaches to the land of stepfamily; where she is humiliated, kidnapped, kicked out of the house followed by several troublesome incidences which make her stuck in a vicious cycle. Despite having a mother who leaves Ifrah high and dry due to her own reasons, the protagonist hopes for a figure to play the role of a bulwark and protect her against all odds.

Who would come to save a damsel in distress and what would she do, if something happens to the angel who held her in dire emotional straits?


Adhoora Bandhan – GEO Tv Drama – Pictures

Adhoora Bandhan - GEO Tv Drama

Adhoora Bandhan - GEO Tv Drama

Adhoora Bandhan - GEO Tv Drama


Adhoora Bandhan – GEO Tv Drama – All Episodes

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