Hareem Farooq Interview

Hareem Farooq Interview

Pakistani Famous Artist Hareem Farooq’s Exclusive Interview 

Hareem Farooq a very beautiful and young actress whose bold and realistic acting is famous among the people, a girl with pretty looks has great beauty and incredible artistic skills being very popular, was born on 26 May 1998 in Islamabad. She is graduated in socialism and politics, her aim was to become an actress because of this she entered into the theater and appeared in Dramas that was fabulous and very fascinating. Here is an exclusive talk with Hareem Farooq.

First Tell us how you entered in the Media Industry?

After my education my parents said it’s up to you that whether you go for acting or law, so I choose acting I started acting and also was practicing law, I use to work in the theater, as the time passed, I finally decided to enter in the acting and my parents supported me a lot and I was quite comfortable with it, then I did dramas Mere Humdum, Mausam, Dosri Biwi and many more.

You, Osama Khalid and Ali Rehman are great friends, how do you explain it?              

Really very awkward because when when we three are together can not stop laughing during the scenes, but it also helps us because when we are working together it is very comfortable to work and always had a great time.

What is your dream role?

I really always wanted to play the role of a strong woman, a character that gives motivation and message to the people, I want something new because normally we shows woman in Dramas they are compelled, weeping, helpless I actually want to show the character of powerful women who is able to do everything at any time for herself.

Any planes or offer for working across the border?

If I get a really good offer like with Shahrukh Khan or Naseeruddinn Shah, so I will definitely work if they offer me a good and leading role. I represent Pakistan and have a responsibility of my Family and Fans, so I want to do something better and new that portrait Pakistan in a positive manner.

Tell us about your Production and planes?

I have just finished the movie “Dobara Phir Se”, the shoot was in the United States I produced this movie and had a great experience,  Imran Kazmi and I collaborating on with Reham Khan’s movie “Janaan”, well Imran Kazmi is a very good friend of mine a passionate person who always brings something new.

Any message for your fans and followers?

I don’t want to disappoint my fans, if you really love me, you have to accept what I am, I will give my best in the field of acting to provide you a good entertainment and will give a positive image of Pakistan in the world, thanks.

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