Pakistani Actor Cum Model Bilal Qureshi Interview

Bilal Qureshi is considered to be a very cute and smart actor with bold and creative acting, he started his career in a very young age and he never knew that he will take acting as a career,  he has done many Dramas like “Piya Ka Ghar”  and has done anchoring as well. A very cute boy whose acting reflect the real essence of acting and bold looks are very popular, here is an exclusive talk with Bilal.

First tell us when you started taking acting as a profession?

Well, before acting I did some anchoring as well on the channel ATV, but I took acting seriously with my Drama Serial “Thakan”, at that time I decided to be a full fledged actor.

Anything that you dislike about acting?  

Being an actor you have much popularity among people, I love everything about this life, but you lose your privacy people love to gossip, you can’t keep anything secret, you have to talk about your personal life if you try hard you can’t keep your life secret being a media person.

What was your nickname in childhood?

I was born in Jeddah and right after we moved to Madina where everyone started calling me Madni.

Your favorite TV characters?

Well, Momo and Saima Chauhry.

One thing you look before accepting any offer?

Of course, my character, what challenges are in these characters to fulfill.

Your favorite and challenging role in your career?

I had the role of phsyco husband and enjoyed a lot in this character, it was the most favorite character of mine to prove myself as an actor.

Who is your inspiration as an actor?

I love to watch Nauman Ijaz, Faisal Rehman and recently Fawad Khan are doing an exceptionally good job, my personal favorite whom I admire so much is Shahrukh Khan.

Any message or quote for fans?

I thank everyone for loving me and always encouraging me with positive and negative comments, I love to be loved by you so please keep loving me and my work.

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