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Is the most interesting, highly standardized and up to date online fashion magazine based in Pakistan. FestByte is a platform where you can get loads of things related to fashion which has been categorized here in to following sections such as (1st) BLOG, (2nd) BEAUTY & STYLE (beauty & Health tips, Celebrity Styles and Product Reviews), (3rd) BIOGRAPHY (Designers, Models, Photographers and Stylists), (4th) COLLECTIONS (Summer Collection, Spring Collection, Winter Collection, Fall collection, Eid Collection, Party Wear Collection, Bridal Collection and Groom Collection), (5th) ENTERTAINMENT, (6th) INTERVIEWS and (7th)EVENTS. This is an ideal platform for the advertisements and promotions of your products, business, etc. We run ads wisely and beautifully, on this remarkable online fashion magazine in Pakistan. This online fashion magazine is one of the best places where you can stay up to date about new fashion trends, fashion events, new fashion collections, interviews of famous fashionable celebs from every industry and much more informative stuff. Absolutely skilled and professional blogs are also available, which will surely catch your interest and compel you to read from start to the end. For further details and information about advertisements and promotions etc, Contact Us.